Korean Medical Facilities

Many of the Korean hospitals in Busan maintain an international clinic with reception, appointment booking and translation services in English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and other languages. Many of the specialty physicians are U.S. or British trained and fluent or conversant in English. In Busan, inpatient and specialty care is provided at one of four TRICARE-approved and accredited local Korean hospitals.

• Busan St. Mary’s Hospital (Sung Mo)

COMM from U.S.: 011-82-51-933-7061

• Pusan National University Hospital International Health Center

COMM from U.S.: 011-82-10-2799-7031

• Dong-Eui Medical Center International Medical Center

COMM from U.S.: 011-82-51-850-8941

• Ilsin Christian Hospital

COMM from U.S.: 011-82-51-630-0678

Emergency care can be provided at any of the above listed facilities. The emergency telephone number for an ambulance in the Republic of Korea is 119. There is no need to put an area code when dialing, even if calling from a cell phone. Translators are normally available in over a dozen languages, including English. However, if no translator is available when you call, you can also dial the Emergency Medical Information Center (EMIC) at 1339 and they will interpret for you. EMIC has a bilingual staff that speaks Korean plus English, Japanese, or Chinese to help if you are having trouble communicating with Korean medical staff while you are at a clinic or hospital.

If you receive care at any local Korean medical facilities, we recommended that you request documentation of your care and ensure that it is properly entered into your military medical record. You can bring any copies of Korean medical records to the BHC Chinhae to be entered in your records.

Please check for the most current information on TRICARE-approved providers at