Sexual Assault Response & Prevention (SAPR) Program

Sexual assault is a criminal act incompatible with the Navy core values and ethos. The Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) program is an effective Navy-wide victim response system and promotes a command climate that encourages reporting, prevention, and offender accountability. Certified SAPR victim advocates and sexual assault response coordinators provide immediate response and quality support services 24/7/365 to assist victims of sexual assault and reduce the incidence of sexual assault committed by or against military service members, their families, and DoD civilians.


The SAPR program provides:

  • Private and confidential victim advocacy and support services

  • Case consultation and coordination

  • Information on medical, investigative, mental health, and legal services and referral assistance

  • Court accompaniment

What is a SAPR Victim Advocate?

SAPR Victim Advocates strive to empower adults who have been sexually assaulted and assist them in making the transition from victim to survivor. Advocates are committed to:

  • Providing answers and information

  • Accompanying victims through medical, investigative, and legal procedures

  • Making referrals to military and community assistance agencies

  • Helping victims sort through overwhelming feelings and normalizing the recovery process

  • Helping family members and friends understand the emotional effects of sexual assault

SAPR Victim Advocates, health care providers, and Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) are available to provide information on the option of RESTRICTED REPORTING. You may forfeit your ability to make a confidential report by talking to someone other than those listed.


USFK SAPR Hotline for Warfighters located in Seoul:

DSN 158 or 763-5700

Commercial: 0503-363-5700

CONUS: +82-503-364-5700