The Official Flag of the Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Welcome to Navy Region Korea, home of Commander, Naval Forces Korea. Navy Region Korea's mission is to support warfighters, Navy families, and our alliance with the Republic of Korea. Navy Region Korea is composed of a diverse population of military, civil service, and contractor professionals working together to support our mission. Located in the Land of Morning Calm, the area offers a unique setting with a variety of activities and opportunities for service members and their families to immerse themselves in the culture, traditions, and tranquil scenery of the Korean people and their peninsula.

If you have concerns or questions about the Republic of Korea, contact the Fleet and Family Support Office for additional information and all your referral needs. 

Also, check out these resource link in your spare time to learn more about services available to Navy families stationed in Korea. The United State Navy nor any part of the United States Federal Government officially endorses the below companies and their products or services. 







The United States Navy nor any part of the US Federal Government officially endorses the below Companies and their products or services.

  • USAA Korea Representative 02-3276-2675:
  • Korea National Police Emergency Roadside Assistance (English-speaking Dispatcher): 02-112

Recreation, Dining, & Shopping 

  • Some food markets deliver, such as SSG in I-Park. (In Korean) Purchasing over 100,000 Won in groceries qualifies for free delivery in your local area.
  • Yogiyo: Korea's largest food delivery app and free to download on Google Play and iTunes. The app is only available in Hangul, but can be viewed in English with a Google Translator enabled browser. 
  • Gmarket: Online shopping and to-your-door delivery.
  • Map My Hike: This app is navigable on both roads and trails and is available on the Google Play and iTunes.  The app allows you to easily save your hike as it progresses so you can check your trails if you get turned around on a mountain hike or on the winding streets of Busan-much like a virtual crumb trail. 

Driving in Korea

  • Waze: The world's largest community-based navigation app includes traffic information, local gas station prices, and traffic conditions.
  • Daum: Works very well in Korea and includes bus, metro, walking, and driving navigation maps.
  • Naver: Features lane suggestions that are beneficial on expressways and in large cities. 
  • Google Maps: Does not include driving directions in Korea, however, it does work with local bus routes. The "blue dot" enables you to orient yourself to your location in Busan.

Language & Communication

  • Google Translate: Translate recordings, audio announcements, screenshots, web-pages, and live video. 
  • Papago: Another translation app. 
  • Skype: Communicate with family back home through voice, video, or chat. 
  • Magic Jack: VoIP Service Provider
  • Kakao Talk: Korea-specific messaging service available for download on Google Play and iTunes. 

The United State Navy nor any part of the United States Federal Government officially endorses the below companies and their products or services.