International SOS and TRICARE

International SOS (ISOS) is the TRICARE-affiliated service that coordinates health care overseas in the ROK. TRICARE Overseas Prime Remote provides beneficiaries with the benefits of TRICARE Overseas Prime in designated overseas locations not supported by a local Military Treatment Facility, like in Busan. Active Duty service members and their eligible family members must enroll in the program. Medical care is provided to beneficiaries through a network of credentialed host nation civilian providers in Busan managed by International SOS.

You can find more information about this program at or call an ISOS representative at COMM from Korea: 080-429-0880.

You can contact a TRICARE representative for information on the health benefit options, which cover dependents within the Republic of Korea.

The Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital in Seoul has a TRICARE office at DSN: 315-737-1433 and BHC Chinhae at DSN: 315-762-5415 can provide guidance on benefits.